uconnect update problems

I downloaded update 17.43.01 - UCONNECT_8.4AN_RA4_17.43.01_MY15_NAFTA 2. Today for the first time I experienced my rear camera assist not working on the display. I had the truck in for warranty work and Dodge told me they would install it for $150, I … Only way to prevent it as of now is to turn off HD radio. Vehicle finder no longer works. It just went blank instead of showing me where I was backing into. It has not rebooted since I got it back. How to do a Uconnect 8.4 update yourself.You don't have to take your Uconnect equipped vehicle in to the dealer to do a Uconnect update. FINALLY! Discussion Starter • #1 • Jun 23, 2019. After the update, when switching between HD and normal, there is a 3-5 second time leap in the audio. 1 Posts . My Service Advisor told me that FCA had just released a UConnect 8.4 software update on the day I brought the truck in; so they downloaded and installed it. I did, and it was unsuccessful. When I download the update Uconnect says is available for my VIN (again the siri voice control update) and put it on a thumb drive the truck will attempt to load the update. It freezes at file 5 of 12 and says "Unable to start mmc driver successfully. Hello Team Members, As some of us have some problems with updating uconnect 8.4AN, I describe my problem: 1. Also Uconnect website shows an update is available for my system but I have already installed the update. Recently subscribed to Uconnect access again. I took it in for service on Monday, and the dealer claimed is worked once for them, but the software update … Hello guys! Ticket has been filed with uConnect. So, due to the problems I have been having with my head unit in my 2015 Ram 1500; completely freezing, navigation being completely wrong, etc., I decided to update to the newest firmware from UConnect. The dealer said Uconnect was having iphone issues and it is a software update problem and I should try using an Android. Sounds like the UConnect has only gotten worse over time. The class action alleges Fiat Chrysler (FCA US) surely knows about the Uconnect problems because of warranty claims, repair orders and customer complaints. Only real problems with mine (2016 8.4 with NAV) is that the music (doesn't matter which source) pauses and restarts two times EVERY SINGLE TIME the truck is started, the volume will not respond after a source change (long delay before you can change the volume), and when you mute the sound, it un-mutes (twice) before staying … Well; it appears to have fixed my problems. I as well am having annoying problems with UConnect in my new 2018 Jeep Rubicon. At first the app worked intermittently after calling Uconnect and resetting radio several times no longer works. I have Jeep Renegade 2015 Trailhawk. I have had several issues with my Uconnect rebooting and also skipping like a record on some of the music. Inserted with engine on running USB sticker 16GB, clean, with 2 unpacked files 3. Cant start, lock, unlock car. I have a 2016 Ram 1500. I had my truck in this week for some warranty work; which included complaints about UCONNECT. When I figure enough is enough I contacted Uconnect and got a case manager Sherri , who walked me through a bunch of fixes that did not work, finally said you need a software update 08-009-19 REV. If driving in an area with spotty HD coverage it will continue to skip forward/backward in time (so annoying).

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